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Photo Album Creation Overview

          • Create Digital Photo Albums
          • View Albums with any Web Browser
          • Share them on CD-ROM or on your Website
          • Add Music, Backgrounds and a Slideshow


PhotoELF Photo Editor creates digital photo albums in seconds with its unique Photo Album Wizard. Just a few clicks and you will create an album that may be viewed in any internet browser like: iExplorer, Firefox, Google Chrome.

These albums, once created, can be uploaded to your website or burned onto a CD-ROM.

If you want to share photos with friends and family who are not very experienced with computers. They need only to place your CD-ROM into a CD-Drive and it will Auto-Run the photo album.

Look in PhotoELF's Options menu to access the Album Wizard. Or click the Album Wizard button on the toolbar:

Read the Tip section in the Wizard to get started. Read the help topic: Photo Album Creation for more detailed information.

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