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Default Printer Settings

When you make changes to your printer settings in PhotoELF, these new settings become your Default Printer Settings.

This can be annoying when you then go to print a text document in another program.

What you can do about it:

While in PhotoELF's main program, click the hammer on the toolbar to enter preferences.

Under the General tab, look for and place a check mark in front of: prompt before exit if printer default settings have changed

Now, if you change your printer settings in PhotoELF, you will be prompted when you exit and given the opportunity to quickly change them back.

Why does PhotoELF behave this way?:

There is an upside and a downside to many things in this world.

In this case, the downside is that your printer default settings are changed in PhotoELF.

The upside is PhotoELF prints correctly and you do not waste photo paper.

With all of the different printers on the market today, it is a difficult task to ensure that software will work correctly with all of them. By changing the printer default setting, PhotoELF will work with all printers.

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