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Moving Photos from one Folder to Another

First, get familiar with PhotoELF's Toolbar:

Click the Manage button on the toolbar.

Then click the Browse button and click the Manage button again.

You will note that doing so opens and closes a Right Hand File System.

With 2 folder systems open, you may copy or move photos back and forth from one folder to another or from a memory card or CD-ROM.

For exact steps to copying or moving photos using the Right and Left hand folder systems: Click Here

Another method would be to:
  1. Select the photos you wish to copy or move into another folder ( see multi-selecting )
  2. Look in the Edit menu
  3. Select COPY or CUT
    • COPY will make a copy of the photo and put it where you want it, leaving the original
    • CUT will remove the original and place it where you want it.
  4. Then navigate to the folder you want these photos to be
  5. Look in the EDIT menu and select: Paste

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