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Memory Requirements

PhotoELF will work on a computer with only 128 Megs of RAM. However, it will be extremely slow.

Photos consume Memory. And a lot of it.

It is recommended that you have over 500 megabytes of RAM installed on your computer.

Everything speeds up when you have more memory. Especially when dealing with photos.

Having 1 gigabyte of memory or more is optimal.

To give you an idea of how much memory is consumed when you display 1 photo, here is the math:

Let's say you have a photo that is 2000 x 3000 pixels in size and it is a 24 bit JPG image.
(most JPG images are 24 bit)

The amount of memory consumed is calculated as follows:

There are 8 bits to a byte, so:

24 / 8 = 3 bytes of information per pixel.

You have 2000 x 3000 pixels = 6,000,000 pixels

6 million X 3 bytes = 18 million bytes or 18 Megabytes of Memory.

So an average photo consumes that much memory. Now suppose you load 16 photos into the print window:

16 x 18 megabytes = 288 megabytes of memory will be consumed.

NOTE: It does not matter if the file size is only 500 kbytes. That is the compressed file size. It is not the actual size of the photo when it is loaded and being used by the computer. The math above correctly calculates the amount of memory consumed when a photo is displayed.

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