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Multi-Selecting Files or Thumbnail Images

Multi-Selecting files or thumbnails is the PhotoELF concept and is the key to performing batch operations, (doing the same thing to many pictures at once), also see: Batch Operations.

You may: Rotate, Rename, Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste, Resize, Edit, JPG Compress, Convert Formats, Apply Masks, Fix Brightness, Gamma, Contrast, Color, Hue and Print more than one photo at a time by multi-selecting filenames or thumbnails.

The picture above shows the File List box. You may multi-select filenames or thumbnails, either will work, and the methods below apply to both:

How to Multi-select:
Method 1

  • Left click the first file or thumbnail you want.
  • Hold the Shift key down and then left click the last file you want.
  • All files between will be selected.

Method 2

  • Left click a file.
  • Hold the Ctrl key down and click any file you want to select.
  • While holding the Ctrl key down, you may select as many files as you like and in any order.
  • You may even De-select a file by clicking it again.

Method 3

Method 3 only works on the file list box, not on the thumbnails.

  • Left click and drag.
  • Left click the first image you want and keep holding the left button down.
  • Then move your mouse pointer to the last image and release the button.
To De-select all previously selected files, just left click on any file without holding the Shift or Ctrl key.

Hint: When multi-selecting, look at the status bar at the bottom of PhotoELF. One of the display panels will tell you how many files are selected.

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