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Adjust Photo Size and Position
When you click and drag a photo to a new position, or change its size, the size and position are reported in the panel shown below:

Units shown are in inches. However, click the hammer on the toolbar and you may change the units to centimeters

Sometimes, clicking and dragging a blue handle, to change the size of a photo, does not give you precise control. For precise control, you may click the up and down arrows next to the height, width, top, and left displays in the panel shown above.

Each time you click the up or down arrow, the photo will change by the amount shown in the Unit Adjust panel.

The Unit Adjust amount is set at .25 inches or 1/4 inch. This may be changed down to .01 inches ( 1/100th of an inch ).

The Justify All panel will justify all pictures as a group.

Also see: Print a Photo an Exact Size

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