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To view a folder of Thumbnails, click either of the thumbnail buttons:

To retrun to the Main View, click the same button again.

Thumbnail Behavior: Thumbnail Size

Look in the "Thumbs" menu and you may change the size of the thumbnails.

Thumbnail Preferences

Click the Hammer on the toolbar and select the "Thumbs" tab.

You may change thumbnail colors and speed up the thumbnail loading process by restricting some image files from being loaded as a thumbnail.

Thumbnails that Won't Load

As a failsafe and to speed the process of loading thumbnails, if PhotoELF encounters any undo delay or any problem creating a thumbnail, it will not load it. Instead, it loads a small "PhotoELF" logo in its place.

In most cases, you may still view that image with PhotoELF's main viewer.

Click the "Hammer" on the toolbar to change thumbnail preferences.

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