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Scanning with PhotoELF

PhotoELF can communicate with most scanners and you may access your scanner from PhotoELF and have the scanned image imported directly into PhotoELF.

Two Ways of Doing This:

1) From the Editor
2) From the main program

It is easiest to scan from the Editor, but you can scan from the main program also.

Scanning from the Editor:

First, we must tell PhotoELF which scanner you have. This function only needs to be done once. You would only need to do it again if you install a different scanner.

Follow these steps:
  1. Load the Editor with or without a photo.
  2. Look in the Editor's File menu and click: Select Scanner or Twain
  3. A box will appear listing all compatable Twain devices
  4. Click your scanner's name from the List
  5. Click the Select button
Now, whenever you wish to launch your scanner, simply click the Scanner button on the Editor's toolbar.

Once your scanner software appears, you may scan your photo and, when ready, it will be sent back into PhotoELF's Editor for cropping, adjusting and saving.

Scanning from the main program:

First, you must add the Scanner button to the toolbar

Steps to take:
  1. Be in PhotoELF's main program
  2. Click the Hammer on the toolbar to view Preferences
  3. Click the Toolbar tab
  4. Place a checkmark by the Scanner button option
  5. A Scanner button will appear on the toolbar
  6. Click OK to exit Preferences
You may now click the Scanner button on the toolbar to access your scanner.

If no twain devices are listed in the Select Scanner or Twain dialog then you may not have any hardware attached that can capture an image or its software is not loaded.

You may need to re-install your scanner software or check your scanner's website for a twain driver download to install.

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