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How to Edit and/or Crop Many Photos

Batch Cropping

While in PhotoELF, simply multi-select all the filenames or thumbnail images that you wish to Batch Edit / Crop and then select: Batch Crop - Edit from the Edit Menu.

The following window will appear:

screen shot of batch cropping window

Looking at the screen shot above, you can see the various features of batch cropping and editing.

PhotoELF will load each photo you have selected sequentially, allowing you to: position and size the crop box, rotate, deskew, fix brightness, contrast, color, gamma & hue, resize and add a mask .

When you are ready, you simply click the Crop, Save Next button.

The next photo in the list will be loaded - You adjust and click Crop, Save Next.

If you do not wish to crop, simply click the Save, Load Next button.

You may also skip photos or go back to previous photos in the list.

Some of the other features that batch cropping offers are:

  • Crop Head Position Tool helps align head shots repeatably
  • Choose an exact frame size (Crop Ratio).
  • Change the frame sizes to any size you wish.
  • Frame ratios are maintained as you click and drag the size of the crop box.
  • Choose an exact pixel size if you like.
  • Change the exact pixel size to any size you wish.
  • Change crop orientation with one click, maintaining the size.
  • Click the hammer button for preferences.
  • Choose to overwrite or create new images when saving.
  • New images maintain the same file name but a prefix of your choosing is added.
  • Choose from up to 82 different image formats to batch crop and save as, including LOSSLESS TIF, BMP & JPG.
  • If a photo appears that you do not want to crop, just click Next Photo.
  • Click Previous Photo to go back.

    You can also adjust:
  • Brightness, Contrast, Color, Gamma and Hue for each picture.
  • Rotate photos 90 degrees left and right or 180 degrees.
  • Deskew by clicking and dragging a horizontal line.
  • Mirror photos.
  • Add masks

Batch editing or cropping is great for dealing with hundreds of photos that you have scanned, getting ready for a website, or just creating photo albums with photos that have the exact same dimensions. Whether you are building a website or scanning many photos, this tool will make cropping and editing your photos easy.

See also: Cropping Tips for Advanced Users

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