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Batch Apply Masks

PhotoELF offers a way to apply the same mask to many photos at once. Please read the help topic: Batch Operations first.

How this is done:

This example assumes you understand: Steps:
  1. Be in PhotoELF's main program
  2. Multi-select the filenames or thumbnails of all the photos you wish to be masked
  3. Look in the edit menu and select: Batch Apply Mask
  4. The mask window will appear
  5. Select the mask you wish and the appropriate color
  6. When ready, click the Batch Apply button
  7. The batch file save window will appear allowing you to select the image format you wish
  8. When ready, click OK
  9. All multi-selected files will then be loaded, masked and saved.
NOTE: Using the Batch Apply Mask feature only allows you to apply one mask at a time. If you wish to have multiple masks applied, you will need to repeat these steps for each mask.

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