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Read-Only Read-Write Files

PhotoELF can change all of your photo files from Read-Only to Read-Write and vice-versa, quickly.

Simply select or Multi-Select your photo files and then look in PhotoELF's Edit menu and select: Read-Only or Read-Write and all selected photos will be changed.

What is Read Only?

Read-Only: A file or drive that may only be read. These files may not be written to, deleted, or edited.

Read/Write: A file or drive that may be read and written. These files can be deleted and edited.

Example: A CD-ROM is (by default) Read-Only. Files on a CD may not be deleted or edited.

Example 2: A floppy disk that has the little button in the upper right hand corner moved to the Locked position is Read-Only. Your computer will not allow you to delete or edit files on this floppy disk.

Since your hard drive is Read/Write, PCs provide a way to set a file's attribute as Read-Only or Read-Write, thus protecting it from accidental deletion or editing. PhotoELF honors this protocol.

If you have photos that should never be edited or deleted, such as original images, set them to Read-Only. PhotoELF will always prompt you before overwriting or deleting Read-Only files. All other programs should prompt you as well.

When an image is loaded, the status bar will indicate whether the file is Read/Write or Read-Only. (RW or RO)

This is also very useful when you copy photos from a CD-ROM. All files on the CD will be Read-Only and you will not be able to edit any of them, until you change them to Read-Write.

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