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Saving Files:

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You may save or convert your digital photos into any of the Supported Formats by using one of the many methods PhotoELF offers to save files.

While in PhotoELF's main program or the Image Editor, you may look in the File menu and use any of the following:
  1. Save
  2. Save As
  3. JPG Save As (Compress)
  4. Advanced Save As

Using the Save Feature:

This option is only available while in the Editor and it will overwrite the original file in its original format.

Using the Save As Feature:

This option will bring up a File Save Dialog box where you have the option of selecting any of the standard 24 bit image formats.

Using the JPG Save As Feature:

This option allows you to save a JPG image file to any file size or (compression) you wish. The trade off will be image quality versus file size. As you reduce the quality, the file size is also reduced.

Generally, you can save a JPG image at about 95% quality and not be able to see any difference in quality. However, the file size is significantly reduced.

This feature is nice when you wish to e-mail a picture to someone and you do not want to send a huge attachment.

Using the Advanced Save As Feature:

This option will bring up a File Save Dialog box where you have the option of selecting from 60 different formats.

The formats listed are the same as the standard Save As, with the exception that you may also select 1-bit, 2-bit, 4-bit, up to 32-bit formats.

For a better understanding of these formats, read the help topic: Bits Per Pixel


32-bit Images: PhotoELF can save 32-bit images. However, not all other programs can read 32-bit images. This is something new. If another program cannot open the image, try saving it as a 24-bit image.

Image Quality: Some image formats allow the image to be saved in lower quality to reduce file size. JPG is one of them.

When using the JPG Compression Option:

By clicking the Advanced button, you may choose to save the JPG file using any of the following formats:

YUV 444 Compression
YUV 422 Compression
YUV 411 Compression

24-bits per pixel
- Full Color
8-bits per pixel - Grey Scale (Black & White)

All advanced options have an effect on quality and file size.

The highest quality setting would be:

100% Quality
YUV 444 Compression
24-bits per pixel

When using this setting, there is virtually no resolution loss (almost flawless).
However, you should read the Help topic: JPG Warning

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