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Batch JPG Compress
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PhotoELF will allow you to compress any photo format into JPEG - JPG image files at any compression level you wish. This reduces the file size. You can test the results before saving them and view how it will look and what the file size will be. (Note: There is a trade-off between file size and image quality).

This feature is great for websites, webmasters, e-mailing photos or fitting more pictures onto a CD-ROM.

From PhotoELF's main window, you simply Multi-select all of the thumbnails or filenames of the photos / pictures you want to compress, regardless of their current format, and then look in the edit menu for:
Doing so will then load the PhotoELF JPG Compression window giving you many options:

Compress JPG Jpeg Photo Window

In the example above, the image file started out as a 1.4 mega byte (TIF) image (1,400 Kbytes) and was compressed into a 38 Kbyte JPG (JPEG) photo file.

With this photo compression window, you may choose to overwrite the original filenames or you can choose to create new images and provide a new set of names.

This compression operation will compress any of the following formats into a JPG (JPEG) image file: BMP, CLP, CUR, EMF, FPX, ICO, IFF, JPG, JPEG, PCT, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, SGI, TGA, TIF, WMF

If you have mult-selected more than one photo, clicking the Save As button will then give you the choice of overwriting or creating new files. And it will automatically load, compress and save the new photos for you.

If you have multi-selected several thousand photos, you can walk away and let it process all of them for you without your presence.

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