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Batch Apply Text or Watermarks Using a Mask

PhotoELF can help you add solid or transparent colored text or watermarks to many photos at once. This feature is useful if you are a professional or semi-pro photographer and wish to mark or label your works of art as shown in the image above.

This example assumes you have read the following topics:
  1. Batch Operations
  2. Using Masks
  3. Create your own Masks
  4. Batch Apply Masks
The image above was created by applying one mask to one photo. To do this, the mask below was created using a variety of PhotoELF's features:

  1. A blank white image was created in the Editor, (look in the Fun Stuff menu)
  2. Text was applied in the Editor
  3. The text was rotated per the topic: Diagonal Text
  4. The image was then saved
  5. The image was loaded into the PPL window and the ELF water mark was added to the page.
    (see: Canvas Mode for more info)
  6. The PPL's JPG feature was used to combine the entire layout as one photo and saved as a mask.
    (see: Merge Photos for more info)

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